How to set the CPU mode?

Modified on: Thu, 08 Nov 2018 07:02:00 +0800

With the latest version of HashFish, you can set a CPU mode in Settings to adjust CPU utilization.

Extreme Mode
This mode uses the strongest performances to mine, you can try this mode if your device is dedicated to mining.
Due to the feature of the CPU Hyper-Threading Technology, this mode may not be able to generate maximum hashrate, which will cause the system stuck and hashrate decreased.
It is recommended to switch back to Speedy Mode if you meet this issue.

Speedy Mode
This mode is the default setting, it will use the most efficient hardware and software utilization to mine.
This mode takes full advantage of CPU capability and Hyper-Threading technology. Generally, the hashrate is equal to or higher than the Extreme Mode, meanwhile, the device will not be stuck.

Balanced Mode
This mode uses less hardware and software utilization to mine, also the revenue will be decreased.
If your computer is stuck in speedy mode, you can switch to the Balanced Mode.

Single Core Mode
This mode uses the least
 utilization to mind, therefore you can't get much revenue.

Disable CPU

In this mode, CPU mining disabled at all. You can enable this mode while your experience is affected in Single Core Mode.

Note: The fewer cores the CPU includes, the less difference CPU usage and hashrate switch into various modes.
             Furthermore, CPU mode will use the config file of STAK when you select the STAK algorithm, which it is dependent on the Setting of CPU mode.