Tutorials of Bitcoin wallet?

Modified on: Thu, 13 Dec 2018 11:17:00 +0800

Bitcoin wallet is like a wallet in daily life, including Bitcoin address (like your bank card account), private key (like password of your bank card), which can store your Bitcoin message. Moreover, There are two types of Bitcoin wallet: hot wallet and cold wallet, they are based on the different storage way of the private key. For the convenience, here we recommend two online wallets(hot wallet) Blockchain and Coinbase.

Steps of registering Blockchain wallet.

1. Head to the BLOCKCHAIN, and sign up.

Bitcoin wallet1.png

2. After signup, an email including a wallet address which is used to log in will be sent to your email account.

Bitcoin wallet2.png

3. Head to the login page, enter your wallet address and password then log in to blockchain wallet.

Bitcoin wallet2.png

4. Click the Request at the homepage, in the pop-up, select Bitcoin in Currency, then you will get a Bitcoin wallet address.

Bitcoin wallet4.png

5. All the revenues from HashFish will be deposited into your email account temporarily. When you withdraw, enter your Bitcoin wallet address and password of the HashFish then you will get BTC in the certain Bitcoin wallet. 

Bitcoin wallet5.png

Ps: Steps of Coinbase wallet is mostly like the Blockchain.