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1 Click Mining
Mining profitable cryptocurrencies with a single click

Instant Withdrawal
Revenue into bitcoin, swift withdrawal to bitcoin wallet

Dynamic Algorithms
Dynamically switches algorithms to profitable ones for high yields

Access Anytime
Operating mining status on the go

Estimate your earnings!

5 Years Yield


10 Years Yield


Annual Bitcoin Growth Rate20%

1.46 USD daily revenue with 1080Ti Graphic Card



Hector Edwrd Acevedo
To download a new miner is to put on new benchmarks on the track with those stronger spikes.


Daeyegc Thomas
Works great, getting almost $1 per day payout from this. Easy way to get started in mining some BTC, not going to be rich from it but gets people going with a small amount quickly.

Expert Miner

Kenvin Savage
Wow, best and no commission at all! Easy withdrawal without any complexity, that's why HashFish.

Cybercafé Owner

I run a cybercafé, HashFish does the mining automatically when the machines are idle and so does stop instantly while using; by what I get more than $2,000 net revenue every month, great applause to HashFish!


HashFish is running on more than 300,000 PCs worldwide.


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